Lorraine Balfe is 34. She’s 3 kids under the age of 7 and she started training at Labfitness just under 3 years ago.
Lorraine does: Fitness pole dancing, fitness yoga, pump'n'lift, rebounding and kettlebells.


'It will be 3 years in June since I started working out at Labfitness and the reason for my good demeaner is the other wise obvious! I'm still here! Still doing it! Still working out! Still challenged! Still totally addicted! This is a completely new avenue for me to go down because as I said before this is a first. I'm not a sticker!! I've tried to put my finger on why I'm still a client of Labfitness and I think I've worked it out. The obvious reasons being;

(A) The lovely staff- not to be under estimated- So welcoming, So understanding, So specific to my needs & so dedicated to me seeing results.
(B) The lovely ladies- Clients from all walks of life, All ages, All different goals & as different as we all are; all with a common goal.
(C) The ever changing classes- It's impossible to be bored, It's impossible to not find a class you CAN DO !! And it's impossible to not find a class that targets a "specific" you don't love as much as the rest of you!- And It's impossible not to have fun when all classes are performed to a rockin' sound track!

Now for the not so obvious, the reasons I'm still excercising 3 times a week for almost 3 years now......I'm a different person; gone is the " but I've had 3 kids & It's mother nature who decides my shape now" and say hello to " NO! I decide my body shape and I am worth 3 hours out of 168 for just me."
My confidence has soared because I've got a support team, people telling me I'm doing well, people pushing me harder & people noticing when I push harder.

O.K., I'm ranting now! But I'm very grateful...I know some of you cynics out theremust be thinking - My God, you do pay for the privelege of working out; it's not like it's free. This is true..... but if I could back the money I've wasted on (count 'em) 4 gyms yearly fees, my incredible space-consuming, electricity-eating treadmill (aka clothes horse) and my mind-numbing, soul-destroying diets, I would have free Labfitness classes for life!

And so to finish-
My thanks to Laura, Vanessa and the girls.
My admiration to all you yummy mummys who make time to fight Mother Nature and to all you young girls who have such a worthwhile hobby that (I promise you) in years to come you will be glad you got in there early.....And finally to you ladies looking up the web-site and pondering a new life of excercise, skinny jeans and bikinis..Again, my advice to you is to go for it- Carpe Diem- seize the day! You'll never know till you try so just do it. (Nike plug there!)
I'll still be there- 3 YEARS ON!!!'


Keighley Kierans has been training at Labfitness for over a year now. She takes part in several classes such as Fitness Pole dancing, Pump'n'lift, Fitness Ballet and Bootcamp.

There's so much I could say about Laura I dunno where to start!! First of all she not only changed my body but my whole attitude to exercise, ask anyone I was so lazy!! I started off almost a year 1 doing one class a week and now I do 5!! Laura is constantly finding new and exciting ways to keep the women of Drogheda in shape, her classes are always fun and energetic. She's a great motivator and somehow manages to push you that little bit further just when you think you cant go on(anyone who done bootcamp will know exactly what I mean)!! She really takes a personal interest in everyone who walks through the Labfitness doors and is always so proud when you achieve something. I've never met anyone with so much passion for what they do, with Laura fitness is more then just a day job its a way of life!! If you have the oppertunity to take part in some of her classes please do, I promise you wont regret it!!

Dara Harford travels the whole way from Rush to take part in the classes. She does: Fitness pole dancing, Zumba Salsa, Fitness Ballet and Fitness Pilates.

I first started in Labfitness 10 months ago. I joined as I heard how good pole dancing was for body toning and after some research on the net I found Laura’s place. I wanted somewhere that I could get a proper workout and was in studio environment. I immediately loved pole dancing even with the bruises haha it’s a complete challenge but the moves improve your toning, strength, flexibility and balance.

Over the next few months I have joined in a lot more different classes such as Pump and lift, Zumba, Gliding, Hula and Stretch and Flex. I am about to start kettlebell training. There is something in Labfitness for everyone. It is great to have a variety of cardio and weight training to get the right balance and also so that the classes don’t become monotonous. This never happens when Laura is pushing the class!! ha ha

I can really notice the different in my body from when I first started. Laura andVanessa are great trainers. They are so full of energy and encouragement they always push you to do better even when you are not really feeling very motivated. I always feel great after the classes. Laura has loads of time for everyone and is very easy to talk to if you have a problem.

I would like to thank Laura and the girls for the last 10 months for all their help and motivation you’ve been fantastic. Keep up the good work. Also best of luck to the girls doing Pole Unity can’t wait for the show!! :D


Hi Laura,
Just a
quick email to thank you and the girls.
I have been on a strict diet and fitness plan for the past few months on and off, it has been interrupted by various illnesses so I have been stopping and starting. Having already lost a stone before Christmas, I started my plan again 4 weeks ago & had my second round of measurements in my gym last night. Since February 8th, I have lost 2 inches from my waist, both thighs, triceps and biceps and 4 inches from my back. The trainer in the gym maintained it was as a result of the strength & flex and pole classes as Im on a strictly cardio based work out in the gym and wouldn’t have had those results so quickly with just that. I have also lot a further 4 lbs. The tops of my arms are my least favorite part of my body but now they are rock hard and very defined. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and to Vanessa and Emma in particular for being helping me achieve my goals so quickly & also for being patient with me while I was ill and missing classes & allowing me to make them up over the last couple of weeks. 

So thanks a million 

Kind Regards,
Lisa Caraher.


Maggie Brady is probably the loudest (and funniest!) person in my classes. She definitely knows how to keep me entertained!! But while having a laugh, she always works to exhaustion, which is very admirable.


‘I joined Laura's classes almost one year ago now and o what a year. Last year i was wearing a size 12 jeans, last week I bought a pair of white skinny jeans, for my hols, size 8, imagine how good that felt its moments like that which make all the hard work worth it. But the funny think is most of the time it does not feel like hard work, i did say most. I do seven classes a week, step, fitness pole, yoga, pump and lift and rebounding.
Laura is a gift, she is friendly, encouraging, funny and she can kick ass, just when you think you cant go on she makes you.

Step really works up a sweat, I love fitness pole we have such a giggle and its great at boosting your self esteem, yoga is great to stretch you and makes you so much more flexible, pump and lift does exactly what it says on the tin - it lifts you in all the right places (and having fed two beautiful babies, a miracle has occurred) it really tones your arms and legs and finally rebounding, anyone who knows me from a rebounding class would know its not my favorite, but it has to be done, its good for your inside bits (heart & lungs) so i'm told.

In the past year lots of people have asked my what i did to change my figure and to my embarrassment i hear myself sound
like a trainee Laura, i tell them if you put in the work you will get the results (you can imagine some of the responses i have got). But really the worse bit is thinking about getting started - jump in with both feed, you have nothing to loose you will improve your health, look better, have fun and even make friends.

I am married 10 year and have a 9 yr old and a 4 yrs old, i can honestly say i did very little exercise over the past 10 year, hitting 38 does something to you, makes you think about been 40. But its never too late to make up for the lazy past and now i look forward to working out and even feel bad about missing classes - imagine.

So finally a big thank you to Laura, thank you for all your patience over the last year, here's hoping you have lots more for the years to come.’

TINA CAFFREY does 3 classes per week, ranging from Step+Fitball, to Pump’n’lift and Fitness Yoga. She is an inspiration
to many other participants; she always puts 100% effort. Well done Tina!!!


I started Laura’s step class nearly 8 years ago. I have become an "exercise freak" thanks to her constant motivation and sense of fun!


Pump and Lift is what I have benefited most from, seeing a huge improvement in both upper and lower body tone; friends and family have noticed it and have made similar comments.  My energy levels have also increased and I am really looking forward to starting the new fitness pole dancing and mini-trampoline classes in the new LABFITNESS studio.


Caitriona Henry has been attending the classes for about 3 years now. I call her ‘happy’ cos I have never seen anybody as smiley as her coming through the door. Caitriona literally does everything and she’s never afraid of trying a new class. Her body has dramatically toned over the last year. Keep up the good work!!


I have been attending Laura’s classes for nearly 3 years now. I started with the yoga and taebo. This is no ordinary yoga… it’s fitness yoga. There’s no lying about breathing and thinking about fluffy white clouds in this class!! Be prepared to sweat. Working at a computer all day, the hour of stretching is amazing each week. It’s only when I leave the class I realise how much I needed it. At the moment I do 2 taebo, 1 yoga and 2 pump’n’lift classes each week. I went to a wedding last year. My dress was lovely but the top of my arms let it down. They were huge and when I waved I could feel the fat wobbling. I started pump’n’lift classes and changed the shape of my arms completely. I never expected the results I got and I’m so delighted. I won’t pretend it’s an easy class but it definitely gets results. With any of the classes the results aren’t instant. But persistence is the key. Stick with them and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

The best thing about any of the classes is you know that Laura is genuinely interested in helping people get results. She doesn’t just stand at the top of the class shouting orders. She gets involved, she even prints newsletters each week which really help keep up the motivation.

I spend 4 evenings a week in Laura’s classes and I absolutely love them. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d look forward to exercising but the classes are as much a social event. I’ve met some really good friends through them. I can’t wait for the new studio to open. Laura deserves every success!!

Grainne gave birth to Ben only 11 weeks ago. During her pregnancy she trained twice a week doing an adapted version of Pump’n’lift. Her recovery has been very fast and she’s back doing all the classes. Grainne is a role model for many other young women looking to start a family; she demonstrated that during a healthy pregnancy one can keep being active. Well done!


' I've attended Lauras classes for the last 5 years and noticed a massive positive change in my body as a result of her ability to motivate me to exercise, I never was as fit or as happy with my body shape as I have been doing Lauras classes.  Before attending Lauras classes like many people I was a member of the gymn and would go for awhile and then leave, I was always making resolutions to exercise, but somehow my motivation dissappeared after awhile.  5 years ago I began attending Lauras step classes and really enjoyed them, I began to enjoy exercising and soon became a regular in her classes, I've tried step aerobics, pilates, fitness yoga, and am now attending pump and lift and fitball, and I really enjoy all the classes.  I'm really looking forward to her new venture and cannot wait to try out the pole dancing and the rebounding should be some craic!!

I had a baby 11 weeks ago and excerised until I was 36 weeks pregnant, doing the pump and lift class, Laura was great helping me all the way and encouraging me, that made it easy to go every week, even when all I wanted to do was sit down watch TV or sleep!!!  I had a  C- section delivery and was out of the bed the next day, walking no bother a few days later and returned to all my exercise classes within 7 weeks,  I am sure my speedy recovery was linked to exercising.   Now I have the challenge of getting back into the shape I was pre-baby, but I know Laura will help and support me all the way!!!'

Sandie has been attending my classes for over 3 years now in Cityjet. Even though she has 2 young children, she always makes sure she is not 'too' tired to train. Well done, Sandie!

When I first arrived in Ireland 7 yrs ago, I looked everywhere to join a class or a club where I could continue and follow the classes I used to do in France, such as 'dance', 'Yoga', 'Stretching', and 'gymnastics'. I realised that there were a lot of gyms but not always 'great instructors'...everytime I was leaving a class, I felt I didn't work out enough. I became frustrated very quickly until Laura arrived in Cityjet to train us 3 ½ years ago. We followed different classes, such as 'pilates', 'Fitness Yoga', 'Pump’n’lift', to name a few... The good thing with Laura's classes is that you never get bored: she always makes sure to change her class, she makes you sweat and she enhances your flexibility. Her classes are always enjoyable thanks to her dynamism, her love for life and people. Laura is not only a very good instructor, she also becomes a friend very quickly thanks to her approachable, generous, receptive, and understanding personality. I'm now a mother of two young children with all the difficulty that you can have to lose weight! : Laura has always been very supportive, helpful all the time, and I'm happy to say that her support in
MANY WAYS was a huge help to keep myself motivated and to extend my limits. Laura, I wish you best of luck in your new welcoming studio full of good vibes, and I have no doubt it will be a great success!... ! Muchas gracias por todo: eres una mujer muy especial!...


Carla started fitness pilates and pump’n’lift over 10 weeks ago. She’s doing great, since she has lost plenty of weight without doing any dieting. Good job!!


I’ve just started my second set of workshops with Laura so I’m totally new to her regime. But I’ve got to tell you it’s working!! Since starting 10 weeks ago my doctor’s very high-tech scales tell me I’ve lost 10lb and I’ve done nothing different but attend one fitness Pilates class and one pump and lift class a week.

I am totally not an exercise class person, I couldn’t run for a bus if my life depended on it and I hate anything that involves jumping up and down! But I couldn’t imagine not doing Laura’s classes now that I’ve started going to them. The atmosphere is so relaxed everyone is there for their own reason and just gets on with the class and enjoys it. I never thought I’d hear myself talking about enjoying exercise. Laura, you must be getting to me whatever you’re doing please keep it up and I might loose another few lb’s.


Carla Uí Choileáin

Jackie Tully has been attending my classes for a long time. She’s evolved the same way the classes have. Jackie trained during her second pregnancy. After giving birth she was back in shape in no time. Keep up the good work!!


I have been attending LABFITNESS classes for almost 7 years. I’m STILL attending Laura’s classes for three simple reasons:

  1- MOTIVATION: she brings a new meaning to the word!!

2-    CLASS VARIETY: check out her timetable. It’s in a league of its own.

3-     RESULTS: after 7 years I still feel the same age I was when I started


                                Need I say more?   Jackie